Literally sick of waiting.

We are now officially 6 days past due date, and in all honesty it all feels a little anti-climactic. 


This is in part because I have been moping around for the past 48 hours with a knot in my stomach which I believe to be something stress induced.

H has just returned from a reflexologist - who had a studio in her garden, so must be doing something right - and now smells like someone just dumped the entire window display of the Kingston branch of Lush in the living room.

Waiting will literally make you sick and drive you crazy - or so it would appear.

Being in a constant state of waiting is never a great thing, but what makes waiting for the birth of a child all the more tricky is you are on the constant brink of it happening! 

I've been trying to think about what it's like to wait for something as monumental as the birth one's first born. 

I've got nothing. Literally.