4 things you learn waiting to be induced

1. Have plenty of distractions

In all likelihood when you call the hospital to find out what time you should come in - all the beds will be full, so expect some delays. In which case keep your lady in waiting happy with plenty of distractions. 

We opted for (in no particular order):

  • A box set - Will and Grace in our case
  • Some conversation cards - try 100 Questions from School of Life
  • Go for a walk - it may even help kick off labour

2. Filling time like 24 hour news sucks

On this particular morning BBC News are covering the state opening of Parliment. Which means Hugh Edwards is filling time like a boss. Waiting on a baby isn't all that different! 

3. You will eat the babies body weight

Now is the time to carbo-load. Dads to be and Mums too! Your lady is about to embark upon a marathon not a sprint. That means it's time to carb up like there is no tomorrow and get ready for the race.

She is likely not going to feel like it but now is the time to be eating. Little and often. Try to encourage her to eat some small helpings of nuts, pasta, rice dishes or some potato dishes as well as smoothies and fresh fruit so she has all the nutrients she needs for baby's first few hours out in the open.

4. Keep chilled

If you stay calm - she will too. Even if you are shaking up inside it's your calming voice, encouragement and attention that is going to get her and baby through labour happy.